You may have seen other companies on the Internet
advertising products that contain Marine Phytoplankton.
It can be confusing trying to compare one brand with
another. Here are some key issues to consider
when making your purchase;

~ It is generally accepted by Nutritionists that
greater health benefits are obtained when you
consume a complete food, rather than a food
extract. Why would you want to accept anything
less than 100% pure Marine Phytoplankton?

~ Can the supplier provide you with a Food Safety Certificate issued by an Independent Lab confirming the absence of potentially harmful levels of heavy metals, mould and bacteria? If a company cannot provide you with this basic level of information then what have they got to hide, and should they be allowed to trade? Shockingly, some manufacturers say this information is either "commercially sensitive" or "proprietary"!

~ Can the supplier provide you with a Certificate of Analysis issued by an Independent Lab verifying the quantity of each compound contained in their product? And be very cautious if you see 'Proprietary Blend' on the label, these words are often used to prevent you from knowing how many (or how few) active ingredients are present in the formulation. If you are taking certain kinds of medication or you have particular dietary needs, your Doctor will want to know if any ingredients in the product exceed safe levels for your particular condition. A detailed analysis of the formulation is the only way to verify exactly what is contained in the product - your life may depend on this information!

~ Purified water is often the main ingredient in liquid supplements, it has no nutritional value, but it provides extra profit for the manufacturer and the shipping company. Conduct this simple test; pour one serving (typically one ounce) of any liquid health supplement into a dish and allow the water content to evaporate, then measure how much solid food remains... you may be surprised at the result - if you can see it! Imagine if there was just half the amount of water in the formulation, you would be left with a very small bottle! Blueprint™ is 100% pure nutrition and no added water, that's an option we leave up to you. When evaluating any liquid health supplement, the questions to ask are; "how much water has been added, and why am I paying for it?"

~ Can the supplier guarantee in writing that no fillers, additives or artificial preservatives are included. Are they mixing 'cheap extras' in with Marine Phytoplankton simply to make more profit, like GLYCERINE, MALTODEXTRIN or KELP: CLICK TO READ THIS NEW REPORT ON ARSENIC DANGERS.

~ Can the supplier guarantee in writing that their product is manufactured to
Conservation Grade standard? In other words, absolutely no pasteurisation
(excessive heat) or chemicals of any kind are used in the growing, processing or packaging of the ingredient(s). Marine Phytoplankton has evolved naturally over a three billion year period, and has never been exposed to temperatures higher than those found in the Ocean. Subjecting such a fragile and complex organism to any excessive heat may cause unknown chemical changes that could affect its potency and safety as a food suitable for humans. And if you do find a product that has been subjected to pasteurisation, ask the question;
has it been treated with microwaves?

~ Health care professionals recommend that for many people, between 200 milligrams - 2 grams per day of concentrated Marine Phytoplankton is necessary in order to provide a theraputic benefit. However, some manufacturers state on the label that one capsule is 'the equivalent of 'X' amount of phytoplankton' which can be misleading. For example, they may state that each capsule contains the equivalent of 600 milligrams of Marine Phytoplankton. What they might forget to tell you is that their 600 milligrams begins as algae paste before they remove the water content from the raw algae, which means that only a fraction of the active ingredient ends up in the capsule. For your peace of mind Blueprint™ states on the label the actual amount of concentrated Marine Phytoplankton powder contained in each serving (not the equivalent of something), so you always get full value for money.

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